Why Isn’t My Website giving me more jobs to quote?

Troubleshooting Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

You’ve spent time, energy and money planning your business, developing your product or service, getting your website up, and perhaps running some advertising. You weren’t expecting to immediately dominate your market, but you were expecting something. And yet, when the site goes live, nothing.

You give it a week, get some technical issues on the site sorted. Maybe now people will start calling? Nope. Another couple of weeks (these things take time to get started, right?). Still nothing.

How long should you wait? A month? Two months? Six months?

Your website is there to help you get leads to quote. If your website isn’t producing leads, this is not something that you should ignore. Unless you have just started a digital marketing campaign and you haven’t yet given it a realistic chance to succeed, time seldom fixes these issues. If your website is generating zero phone calls, then giving it another two months of generating zero calls will produce… zero calls.

Something has to change — and fast. But first, you need to identify exactly where things are going wrong. All too often, I get emails from new businesses who are worried that they’ve had zero calls in from their website, and they’re planning to rebuild their website, change their advertising, or do something else drastic. When I look at the stats, the reason they’ve had nothing come in is that they are essentially invisible and their website gets no traffic.

You think I am going to sell you SEO services right? WRONG.

You could be giving away free Lamborghinis, but if no-one is seeing your website, all you’ll have is a warehouse full of Lamborghinis that no one is claiming. Poor you.


Why buy one of our PRE-RANKED websites?

You are not buying a cold beginner web site. You are buying a built, ranked and proven website, with the complete package of social media back ups. One that is already providing leads and will continue to grow and grow. Because that’s what we do, we grow businesses.

We want you to buy a ready ranked website, and add it to your stable of marketing tools for your business.

You will be reading this because you will have received a lead from “your future website”. These leads could be yours all day long.

Buying add space online is a cool marketing method. But really its like renting a house. You are making someone else money.


Buying a pre-ranked website is equivalent to getting off the rent cycle and buying your own place. Investing in your own home, in your own future, in your own business.

Invest in your own web site. Your own leads.

How many proven pre-ranked websites can you buy?

That depends on how may leads you can handle. How much business are you ready for?

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    In short, NO. Your brand is you, the job you do. Your clients will remember you and the job you did. They will support any brand you work under.
    Now you are getting it! Yes, that’s what I am saying. Did you know that when you walk down the laundry powder aisle in the supermarket? And you look at the huge variety of laundry powders and liquids available you are really only looking at two major suppliers. There are a couple of small fringe dwelling companies, but the main players are two large companies. They own all of the brands on the shelf you are looking at. And they stand behind the qualities of every single one of them. This is how smart business people play. Don’t limit yourself.
    No. You trade as you always have, these new names are your new stable of marketing brands. Trade as you always have. No sweat.
    You say "Yes, I do own that company, and I own this brand, and that brand as well".
    Yes you could, but our sites are worked pre-ranked, they are already producing quality leads, daily. Our websites are all 1 to 2 years old and running hot before we offer them to the market for sale. These websites have been in the works for a long time.