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How does one tradie get more leads than another?

We use our digital powerhouse to take your business to AWESOME online.

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Digital marketing for tradies

Digital marketing packages for tradies

When will you get time to fix your website Get Your Website Up and Running


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Not enough enquiries?

You need to move past the tyre kickers - but getting the numbers through the door is hard to achieve not to mention sustain week after week.

Not enough Sales?

You are a tradie, not a salesperson, sales will not be your favourite thing to do. You certainly put in the hours though, quoting all across the countryside.

Not enough profit?

You work extremely hard, yet there never seems to be enough money in the job at the end of the day.

Customers frustrate you?

You know you do a great job, sure customers like you, but you are too busy to check your customers are spreading the good word about you.

We already have your functioning website producing leads. Are you currently a sub contractor working for another trade company?

Perhaps you’re already on the tools but not getting as much work as you would like? Here at Hardcore Sales we already have functioning purpose built trades web sites that have already ranked and are producing leads.

Why start up a company when you can buy one that is already known and working. Likewise, if you already have a company you are happy with, and you wish to take on an acquisitions strategy of growing your business, you can purchase one of our already ranked business and add it to your stable of companies.

Acquisition, don’t compete – absorb = Domination of your niche.

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